About Us

Soothe X Smooth offers lush natural, organic, plant-based skincare and wellness products that heal as they pamper.
Soothe X Smooth is a premium line of luxurious, soothing, and healing self-care products designed to nourish skin, reduce stress, and celebrate healing. Established amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Soothe X Smooth offers a wide variety of body butters, balms, body oils, and more that promote natural healing and relaxation within the comfort of our own home.
Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Soothe X Smooth is a unique online skincare and wellness boutique with a passion for delivering high-quality products that are handcrafted, all-natural, plant-based, and organic. We believe in nature’s power to heal our body, mind, and soul, and Soothe X Smooth is a celebration of our own human intuition and scientific exploration. Each product we offer is formulated using sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients that have been carefully cultivated to improve skin texture, promote healing, and provide comfort – all while simultaneously protecting the environment. At Soothe X Smooth, we are passionate about delivering exceptional skincare and wellness products that help the skin radiate as it heals.
As passionate purveyors of 100% organic, clean skincare and body treatments designed to promote total wellness, we are steadfast in our mission to formulate, cultivate, and deliver exceptionally formulated and crafted products that you can feel good about.
At Soothe X Smooth, we believe that everyone deserves access to clean, nourishing, and organic products that promote positive, natural living. We design products that help you live, look, and feel your very best. We believe it is our moral obligation to obtain the best organic ingredients from ethically run sources and provide our customers with exquisite body products that hold the power to provide an overarching sense of health and wellness unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. Soothe X Smooth was founded on the simple notion that by creating products that promote a cleaner lifestyle for our customers, we have a unique opportunity to do our part to heal the world – one person at a time.